Part 1 of So, You Want To Be An Armor Bearer was designed to help you understand whether or not you have what it takes to be an armor bearer.  Part 2 addresses armor bearer selection and training.  The last part is for pastors and ministry leaders who are served by volunteer armor bearers and ministry assistants.

Armor Bearer Selection

Armors bearers are usually appointed.  This is generally not a “whosoever will let him come” ministry.  Most armor bearers are selected from men and women who have been observed to be: faithful to the ministry, loyal and dependable.  They are men and women of prayer who know how to stand in the gap.  If necessary, they will not hesitate to protect.

Most importantly, they must have a heart to serve and the pastor must feel comfortable with the armor bearers.


Since each ministry and pastor is different, it is essential to provide armor bearer training.  Armor bearers must be trained so they can meet their senior pastor’s expectations and how he/she want’s that ministry to operate.

General Training addresses the overall role of an armor bearer.  My general training was twofold: 1) required to read God’s Armor Bearer Volumes 1 & 2: Serving God’s Leaders by Terry Nance and 2) taking classes from three pretty well know armor bearers – Bishop Lester Love and Bishop Daryl Brister (both former armor bearers to Bishop Paul Morton) and Elder Terry Nance. The training with Bishops Love and Brister was taken in classes at conferences I attended and Elder Nance was invited to our church specifically to train our armor bearers and ministry leaders.

If your ministry can’t afford to send you to conferences or classes, that’s ok.  At the least I would suggest reading God’s Armor Bearer Volumes 1 & 2: Serving God’s Leaders by Terry Nance and offer in-house training that focuses on David as Saul’s armor bearer and also study Jonathan’s armor bearer.

Specific Training addresses protocol set by your ministry.  There must be set standards from which armor bearers operate or there will be no order, just confusion.

In the movie Drumline, Nick Cannon’s character was an extremely gifted drummer who wanted to do his own thing and prove that he was the best.  All he did was create disunity and confusion.  The band leader gave a speech that sums up the number one quality of a good team:  One band, one sound.  One band, one sound is precisely what a well trained team of armor bearers represent.  A team of armor bearers might be different heights, weights and ages but they should perform tasks the same.

Specific training can include:

  • the time to arrive at church before a service
  • specific duties before, during and after service
  • where does the armor bearer meet the pastor, guest speaker (or whomever is being served)
  • what is the protocol for picking up guests from the airport or hotels
  • what is appropriate attire for picking up guests from the airport or hotel
  • what is the protocol for serving guests
  • are armor bearers expected to accompany/drive the senior pastor to speaking engagements
  • who should armor bearers call in when they cannot serve when scheduled
  • what does the armor bearer do during an altar call

These are just a few topics that can be included in armor bearer training.  There are a number of other topics that can be included; it all depends on how the senior pastor wants his or her armor bearers to operate.

For Pastors Only

Appreciate Your Armor Bearers:  Armor bearers provide a valuable service to you and your ministry.  A good armor bearer is worth their weight in gold, especially if you pastor a busy ministry.  Even thought they don’t serve for recognition or reward, it’s always good to find a way to appreciate your team.

Remember that they have:

  • volunteered countless hours to the ministry
  • looked out for your best interest
  • anticipated your needs, allowing you to focus on ministry
  • arrived early mornings and served late nights
  • run many errands
  • served guests selflessly
  • burned up many gallons of gas
  • spent precious time away from their families
  • changed their personal plans at the last minute

You can appreciate your armor bearers in small ways throughout the year:

  • acknowledge birthdays and with a phone call or card
  • if they are married, acknowledge their wedding anniversary – don’t forget that the spouse has to share them with you
  • send a gift for new babies

It’s also thoughtful to sponsor a big event once a year.  For these men and women who personally serve you, I think their appreciation should be in addition to an annual volunteer appreciation for all ministries.

Am I showing partiality?  Probably.  I’ve been an armor bearer and served as an armor bearer leader.  I know how I have called someone for a last minute assignment and I know many times our armor bearers have changed their plans to accommodate.  We are often the first to arrive and the last ones to leave the church; sometimes getting home in the wee hours of the morning.

Good armor bearers are priceless, cherish them.


Do you still want to be an armor bearer?

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61 Responses to “So, You Want To Be An Armor Bearer (Part 2)”

  1. Great information! Very informative.

  2. Sister in the Lord
    May 20th, 2010 at 10:17 am

    Praise the Lord,

    I have been serving as my First ladies armor bearer for about three years now. During the last year I have fallen very short in my relationship with the Lord. My First Lady has always been very supportive and very very patient with me and my short comings. I have felt for along time that I should has been sat down or should have sat myself down if there is such a thing. I also recently got married and now have five year old twins to care for as well as a new husband. I enjoy serving my first lady she a doll, but now I’m in a place where I feel I don’t deserve to be in this position. I also have a women ministry the was started about a year ago and I believe this is where my ministry is. Need help I already talked to my pastor and First Lady about this and situation is still up in the air.

    Thank you for your time.
    God Bless.

  3. My Sister, you say that you already discussed this with the leaders, correct? As a Pastor, I have come to understand why my Bishop and Apostle handled me the way they did when I served them as Armor Bearer. Then, however, I did not relaize why I was not sat down, nor allowed to quit. I offer this suggestion to you…if you believe that they are Pastors after God’s own heart, then remember that they are your gifts from God and that they are not simply ignoring you, but they are serving you! As often as we desire for the cup to past over us, if you are called to this, then you must drink this! Hang in there, keep the line of communication open between you and the 1st Lady, and remember to always pray and seek wisdom from the LORD!

  4. Pastor Rob has given good advice. One thing you need to be sure of is that your motives for serving are pure and you are serving in the area of your spiritual gift(s).

  5. My question is, is an armorbearer just the pastor’s servant? I mean I believe in helping the pastor and in making the church better and doing for the church in any way, but am I suppose to be the Pastor’s servant for his personal needs away from church. Am I suppose to cut his grass and wash his car and pick up his dry cleaning and run personal errands that have nothing to do with church in any form. I am but a humble servant to the Lord but I am catching alot of flack about all the “personal” things I do for my pastor. Is my pastor taking advantage of me or does he not fully understand the seperation of duties from church and home? God Bless

  6. Hi Sam,
    I am an Armour bearer too, to the Pastoral Team leader at my church. There are four other Armour bearers that serve four different leaders and we happen to share an office. I have come to appreciate for the past two years that i joined from the time I joined the team that while most of our duties are similar, they also differ according to the “man” you serve. Different “men” have different personalities, temperaments, skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Therefore your service to the “man” that you now serve may not necessarily be the same as mine. So to say, that an Armour bearers calling is not necessarily uniform/similar all over the world. I believe that while you should be careful with the extent of your friendship with your pastor not to reach a level of familiarization, yet you need to reach a level of connection where you are free to speak your heart with honor and respect to him. And if he surely is your pastor with whom you have a heart connection, he will be able to know your strengths, weaknesses, like and dislikes. That’s why King Artaxerxes quickly noticed Nehemiah’s sad look and knew immediately that something was wrong in his heart(Neh 2:1-3).
    Each Armour bearer has their package from God, to categorically position them in the destiny that God eventually will lead them to. I personally do a lot of church related duties and personal errands as well. And at both times i have picked my lessons that i might have never caught if may be i were to be rigid only to one sided responsibilities. So I wouldn’t say your pastor is taking advantage of you by requesting you to take care of some of his personal duties, but rather i would say that it is a privilege for you to relieve him of certain duties that he would be so busy caught up trying to accomplish while he could have spared that time to follow up on excellently achieving his ministerial responsibilities. However if a certain duty displeases you, i would recommend that you find a good timing & carefully communicate this. Am sure he would respect you & find an alternative.
    May God guide according to His perfect will.

  7. @Pato, your advice is excellent. Also, thanks for the complement on my articles.

  8. I just wanted to say that my husband and I are both Armour bearers. We were appointed of the Lord for this honor to serve. We just loved serving and we have done that in any way possible for our Pastor and his wife. Many times switching our own schedule for theirs. It has been a privelege to serve. I would say that any one considering this must have had the calling of the Lord. This is a call to serve not to be served. We are intercessors as well so we pray and serve. Hmmm sounds like someone we know… Our Lord did the same for us…..hmmm our turn. He was and is our armor bearer. Everyday unselfishly he serves us. We follow by excellent Leadership. God bless.

  9. Valerie,

    Your articles are a very true and descriptive depiction of the role of an AB. I have been an AB for 3.5 years to a wonderful senior pastor. I love my pastor, the church, the vision, and the mission. I believe that I have been called to this ministry and I do not take it lightly. It is truly an honor and privelege to serve God’s leaders. However, because of challenges in my own life….it is now difficult for me to serve as an AB. I am in a season in which…I dont have a desire to do all of the things you mentioned (coming early, staying late, sacrificing time to be a prayer covering, using my money for ministry travel and engagements, etc). I know this sounds harsh, but I sometimes wish I could just be a layperson again. No responsibilities or worries. I am also a single and I have been waiting on God to send my husband for years now. Living holy and abstaining from sex is becoming more and more challenging. Sadly, the flesh part of me wants to engage in sin, but I dont want to serve like that. I just dont have the desire to keep fighting the flesh and allownig God to keep me in this area. Beyond losing my anointing as an AB and being a hinderance to my pastor…my sinful actions can cause me to go to hell (fornicators will end up there).

    During the three years, I have been offended and have always taken the issue to God and my pastor when necessary. Sometimes, I did feel unappreciated. But I know that my reward will come from the Lod.

    I’m not sure if I should tell my pastor I want to “sit down” but I do know that my heart is not in it anymore. I do want to fulfill my God-given assignment….I want give God my best, I want to give Him my ALL. However, the desire to serve in this capacity is not there. Please advise as the Lord leads you.

    Signed – Sad & Confused

  10. i guess you stopped answering inquiries, huh?

  11. Carmela, no, I have not stopped answering. Your question was in my “held for moderation” box and I didn’t see it.

    In response to your concern, I believe that when a person loses their passion for their ministry it is a problem. What has caused you to lose that passion? Are you burnt out? Has something happened that has changed with your church or your leaders? Do you have too much on your plate? First I would seek guidance through prayer. If you no longer want to serve after thinking through those questions and sought guidance through prayer, your season may be over.

    The things that I mentioned in my post regarding my duties were specific to my church. Every church is different and expectation for armor bearers are different. Regarding traveling with my pastor – those expenses were either covered by the church where pastor was ministering or by my church. Also, I am on the church staff, so my position is paid, but we have a team of armor bearers who are volunteers.

    Some pastors/leaders are better than others in showing appreciation for their volunteers. Unfortunately, some of them just don’t think about it.

    I pray that you will have peace with whatever decision you make.

  12. Ms. Johnson
    At our church we have Ministers In Training and the last two lesson has been an armor bearer. I’ve been around people walking in the call of an armor bearer and those who don’t have a clue. Although this is not my calling I’m an Elder and I have taken on the responsiblities of an armor bearer. MY question is how do you help a person to balance their personal life from filtering into their position of an armor bearer. They give their children the responsibilty of running errands or doing things at the church. They are young children I’m not knocking the ideal of training your children to be helpful. But if this is your calling should you be taking from your children or expecting them to do what you are called to do knowing they are resentful. Also you having babies out of wedlock and in relationship. I know this young lady is growing in leaps and bound in the Lord. See a lot of changes but not in areas that can be conflicting to the leaders. Have too much of a buddie like relationship. This is more for me than them. I need clarity. Thank you!!!

  13. This armor-bearer comes from the old testament not even a discussion when you are talking about the blood bought church in acts 20:28 which Jesus died for only one church matthew16:18 romans 16:16 1 corinthians 12:12-13 galatians 1:6-9 ephesians 4:1-6 colossians1:15-20 isaiah 2:1-3 isaiah 53:1-8 daniel 2:44 daniel 7:14 joel 2:28-32 zechariah9:9 the kingdom is here mark 9:1 their is only one church the bible teaches read God word for youself acts 17:10-12 on the day of pentecost the Church Of Christ kingdom is here now acts 2:38 3,000 souls was added to the CHURCH oF Christ that day. Mark 16:16 John 14:6 the truth is Jesus Christ not man. You are lost if you have not obeyed God word Acts 15:7 Hear the Gospel Believe the Gospel John8:24 Repent of all sins Luke13:3-5 Confess Christ Matthew 10:32-33 Be BAPTIZED Mark16:16

  14. Joy, ministry training is an essential part of leadership. Jesus trained his disciples for three year because he knew how important it was for them to understand and carry on his work after he was no longer with us.

    In the church, we still have to train our paid staff and our volunteers. Give them training on what to do and how to do it. What is acceptable and what is not.

    Leadership sets the tone and cannot be afraid to correct.

  15. I have been doing some research regarding Armour Bearer’s and this is how I ended up on this website. 2004 God said for me to undergird, interceed, and assist my Pastor. I met with the Pastor as well as with his wife to mention the revelation I had received. I later even spoke to my senior Pastor about this. All I know is that I desire to obey God. My Pastor suggested that I read the book vol 1&2 titled Armour Bearer and I would go with them to minister and there would either be just myself that would be present and other times up 10 people that was concidered helpers or ministers. Well after a period of time there were some unfortunate situations that developed that caused people to get out of relationship with one another and all of this were going on and yet it had nothing to do with me.Well it has been seven years later and now there is a new group of helpers or ministers in training and I am being treated like as though I do not have a place there and I know with sure confidance that the Lord has planted me there however I must admit that it has been a painful journey. On January 7th 2011 while in my prayer time the Lord spoke to me for the first time about being an Armour Bearer to my Pastor and I must say I do not feel the liberity to come forward because I have not been well received in the past and I am not sure why. The siuation reminds me of the story of Joseph God had a plan and the enemie was working over time to hinder the call and plan of God. Like I said earlier I only desire to please and answer the call of God that is on my life. Recently I began fighting in the spirit and taking authority over the plan of God that he has for my life. I believe what I am so surprised about is that I never imagined that I would not be freely encouraged to serve as God has directed me in the Church. If there are any seasoned Armour Bearers that would share your thoughts I sincerely welcome them. Thank you and God bless you!

  16. Patricia,

    Are you still serving as an armor bearer? If you are still serving, then you are still doing what you said the Lord called you to do.

    Serving in ministry is not always easy. Those of us who serve in ministry must have thick skins. After all, we serve people and all of us are flawed in some way.

    If you are not still serving as an armor bearer, that does not mean you cannot continue to intercede for your pastor, his family and the ministry. To under-gird your pastor doesn’t mean you have to work directly with him.

    The role of an armor bearer is a very personal and confidential role. Pastors and others who have armor bearers usually select them from people with whom they are comfortable and whom they trust. If the pastor has decided to use another set of people to serve in that ministry, it is his prerogative however hard it may be to accept.

  17. I recenly aknowledged my God Given calling as a Usher in training as assistaint to the Head Usher. I know that God has other callings on my life which have not been revieled yet. A little over a month ago my First Lady (also Co.Pastor to her husband)anoinced the the congragation that God revieled to her that I would become a First Lady and God would let me to go into training as her armor-bearer. I have no problem with that, but I don’t want to go into anything unless God has called me to do so. Since then I have been praying and fasting so that God can reveal if this is my calling. Although my First Lady is awaiting and keeps reminding me that God is telling her that we need to start training,My husband dosen’t think that this is the right time, because God has not revealed to him that it’s his calling to become a Pastor. I still consider myself to be a “Baby Christian”. I really don’t know what to do in this sittuation. I don’t want to go against God’s will, and I don’t want to start something that’s not in his will. I need clarity. Please advise as the Lord Leads you.

  18. I am 20 years and just was appointed to become an AB two weeks ago. There is no pastor or church to whom I am an armor bearer to ;Only a minister. could you pray for me for a clear revelation on how to go about this journey I am embarking on.

  19. Hello Valerie Johnson,

    Thank you very much for responding to my post back in January. I have never walked in the ministry of an armor bearer and I have never desired to either. Like I mentioned in my previous post was that the Lord spoke to me several years ago in regards of under girding, assisting and interceding for my pastor and during that time my pastor had recommeded that I read the armor bearer books 1&2 even though I did not understand why he had suggested that I went a head and read the books anyway and never spoke a word about being an armour bearer again. Well it has been 7 years later and on January 7 2011 I heard the voice of God say to me while in my prayer time with the Lord was that he want’s me to be my pastor’s armor bearer. I am very passionate about our ministry and God is often birthing ideas to continue to develop the minstry in excellence. Well since the last time I wrote my message our church is closing and moving from the location that we have been conducting serves in over the past 7 months, howerver the strange part about it is that I knew that our church would be moving from that location however I did not know that it would move so soon.

    I appreciate your honesty in regards to my pastor not choosing me to be his armor bearer because he obviously has someone else in mind. I really do not have anything to say to that the only thing I disire to do is to obey the lord with my life and for God to get all of the glory so I am not in pursuit of any positions however I will speak out loud what I believe God is saying to me because I don’t ever want to be in fear of man and not be willing to walk in what God says that he wants me to walk in. The only thing I will say is that God will have to do it and he knows that I am here and willing to obey. God bless you and I truly appreciate you responding to my thoughts in regards to this.


  20. Claudia, I am so sorry to have taken so long to respond to your question. Hopefully you have resolved this issue; however, if you have not, I am in agreement with your husband. I know that you want to do what is right and part of that is giving every consideration to your spouse.

  21. Hello Valerie:

    I recently came across your information on armor bearing in preparation of teaching a class at my churh. I am requesting permission to use your information from Part 1 in my manual for the class. It is for teaching purposes only.

  22. Hello,

    I’m doing a research paper on Armour Bearers. I’ve got a questionnaire that I’m putting together for my paper. I’d love to have your input! If you’re interested in helping me out, would you please respond back to the following email:

    Thanks so much!

  23. Hope I haven’t missed your class. Please use the info my blessings and giving credit to the source.

  24. Hello Valerie, Thank you for providing this information. I recently had a woman in our ministry pressed upon my heart to be my Armour Bearer, but I haven’t said anything to her concerning it, meanwhile I’ve just had two other women come to me and ask to be my Armour Bearers and I told them that I wanted to fully hear from God. Since I’m new in this level of Ministry I have to say that it seems a little overwhelming to decide. I really need one but I’m not sure I need three! Would it be tasteful to appoint two as Armour Bearers In Training or would that be an insult? Just want a little clarification.


  25. Lady T,

    I think you are wise to seek God’s counsel. I have served as my pastor’s personal assistant and armor bearer for 14 years. I have also served as ministry leader for our armorbearers. The main thing I have learned and observed is that the pastor/minister/leader etc. who uses an armor bearer must be comfortable with whomever they choose to serve them. I believe armorbearers should be appointed.

    I don’t know if you are the pastor or the pastor’s wife, but whoever you choose should be someone you trust and are comfortable with. It should also be someone who can understand that their role is to serve/help you. Their role is not to be your friend. And very importantly – their motives for serving must be pure.

    It wouldn’t hurt to have more than one armorbearer. That way your armorbearers can rotate the days that they serve. For instance, at my church, we have 12 male and 5 female armorbearers. We have two Sunday services, 1 Saturday evening service and midweek Bible Study. We have a schedule for all of our services that looks something like this:
    1st Sunday (8:00) John Doe
    1st Sunday (10:45) Larry Jones
    2nd Sunday (8:00) Rick Andrews
    2nd Sunday (10:45) Bobby Williams

    The women who serve the pastor’s wife have the same type schedule. A schedule accomplishes three things: 1) the armorbearers always know when they are serving 2) it gives them a break and time to be with their own family’s and 3) it helps keep them from “getting the big head” because they are “the” armorbearer.

    I hope this helps you and pray that you find the right person(s). Let me know what you decide.

  26. Praise the Lord-

    Tonight my Bishop asked me to become the First Lady’s Armor Bearer. I was extremely amazed and honored. Pray for me as I grow in my new position. Also, Are there any other tips you can provide me with?

  27. Hello Ms. Johnson,

    I pray that all is well with you and your family. I am a lead armorbearer for a very large church. I lead a group of men as a team of armorbearers and finding good training material is very challenging. Is there a link to Part 1 of this message? Also, are you aware of any other workshops or good sources of training material for armorbearers?

    III John 2,

    Michael Edison

  28. Michael,

    There is a link to this post – So, You Want To Be An Armor Bearer (Part 1) – – Also, if you put armor bearer in the search box you will find additional information.

    Mt Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church in the Bahamas offers an armor bearer workshop every year. Check their website (Bishop Neil Ellis)- to see when the next one will be offered. Also Bishop Lester Love at The City of Love – – may offer a workshop.

    I hope this has been helpful.

  29. I thank you for sharing this information. I come from a small ministry that I was an acting armor bearer, not to long ago God has shift our ministry with a bigger statues(more member) and I have never been training in the armor bearer ministry so this was very helpful. I will keep in touch with this page for question and prayer.

    Ministry Leslie

  30. Leslie, I pray that you will work with a servant’s heart.

  31. I’m dating/courting a guy who asked me was I ready to be the possible wife of an armour bearer, he said that i may have to go through spiritual attacks, etc. I”m not sure if i’m able to handle that(I know God is there for me) but sometimes It’s really hard. and I also know that this is fear talking. And (fear) Is something that i battle with daily. I know what it is to be attacked by the devil.I care for him but I dont want to live a life of worry. I’m affraid if I make a choice to walk away I will be hurting myself. what do u all think? I need some help with this. were young but not too young.

  32. Personally…. I DONT believe in the Armour Bearer as a security team that escorts the Pastor into service. I think this creates a separation between the congregation members and their Pastor. It gives off a bad impression like the Pastor is the President or something. No where in the new testament does it say the Apostles had “Armour Bearers” or use the term. Your responses to my post in respectfully disagreeing are welcome.

    Thank you

  33. Wives of armor bearers are no different from any other person who serve in ministry. All of us are subject to spiritual attack, whether we serve in ministry or not. Your battle sound to me as if it is within and something you need to deal with. Your fears appear to be controlling your life. Fear is not of God.

    Please get some help to overcome your fears.

  34. Steve, it is entirely your prerogative to not believe in modern day armor bearers. The biblical example of armor bearers are servants – yes in the old testament, they actually bore arms. The new testament example (though the term is not used) are the disciples who traveled with and served Jesus. Also, you will note that Jesus always sent the disciples to minister in groups or two by two. They always had someone to work with and assist them. Also, our armor bearers are taught that their weapon for protecting the pastor is prayer. They are to keep him covered in prayer.

    In our ministry the armor bearers assist the pastor, anyone serving in the pulpit and any guest speakers or singers who come to our church. If a situation arises, our armor bearers would indeed step up and protect our pastor or anyone else in their immediate vicinity. We do have a separate security team whose charge is to protect the congregation and the pastor.

    I believe that some churches take the role of the armor bear too far; however, I have no control over that and am constantly in prayer over abuse of this ministry.

  35. Thank you, Your so right I hope and pray.

  36. I am a evangelist at my church, i have prayed and asked God to let me assist someone in a church i didn’t say what church, just never thought it would be where i now serve. i recently accepted the position to take charge of our women’s ministry and also the bereavement committee

    A while back i also told God that i would like to assist my pastor, because i saw at that time the need is great. as of now there is a young lady helping him out to date. he asked the ministerial staff to whoever is interested to put it in writing as to why you would like to assist the pastor.

    Again, i’m praying now asking God to give me a sign that i should write something as to why i should be the one. i get along with everyone, im loved by many, i’ve even been asked by a few to please go for it.

    Not only can i help my pastor as his personal assistant, i have the skills and qualifications to help in administration and any auxiliary. I enjoy multi-task to the fullest. Please give me some advice.

    i hope you understand my question. BE BLESSED!

  37. Chiquita,

    I don’t know if this is a paid or volunteer position. Also, I don’t know the size of your church or how it operates. However, the first thing that strikes me about your situation is the leadership positions you have accepted – Women’s Ministry and Bereavement. In my opinion, adding another will probably be overload.

    What is it that you have a burden for and what talents and gifts do you bring to the table? Is it assisting your pastor (or other ministers); is it Women’s Ministry; or is it bereavement?

    Consider these things:

  38. Do you feel a strong burden to assist your pastor?
    Why do you want to assist him?
    If he asks you to take the position, will you be able to work with the Women and Bereavement?
    What is expected of the pastor’s personal assistant?
    Are you married? If so, is your husband in agreement?
    Do you have children. If so, will it take an inordinate amount of time away from them?

    The reason I bring up these things is because every church has its own way of doing things. My role as my pastor’s personal assistant is a salaried position but I have friends in other ministries whose positions are volunteer. Even so, they are no less busy.

    I hope this is helpful. Continue to pray about it but don’t let your emotions override what God is saying to you.

  39. I have been concerned lately about my armorbearer’s positon and disposition. He is strong spiritually, but it seems as though he is needy emotionally. There are times where I am drained, and he still pulls on me for much attention. I have seen his disposition change whenever I am celebrated or placed in a position of honor. There were times when he did not even show up to the service or event; and often times when he did, it was negative. This was not my ideal of an armorbearer; that I would have to carry him most of the time. I am there for him; however, I have had to pull myself away so that I could focus. This has mad him turn sullen to the point that he now feels neglected or ignored. My first impression is emotional dependency. How important is it for your armorbearers to stand on their own emotionally. I mean I do belive that we should celebrate those that have served us faithfully, but I do not want to feel obligated to always make sure you don’t feel ignored when I simply need my space!

  40. Charmaine Madden
    July 22nd, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Hello Mrs. Val,

    Can you please give some insight of how to pray and cover the pastor in prayer, while armor bearering.

  41. Hi, Valerie. I am recently remarried with a daughter in college and a son as a senior in high school. My children and I have also relocated to the South from the North and am having a hard time adjusting. Been here for a year and my husband is from the South. Im from a large church where I was not too active and we are now part of a very small church with lots of responsibilities. My husband is an ordained Elder and i’m a born again christian who loves God, my family and like to impact lives of those in my circle of influence. im not use to serving in this capacity of needs. Carrying their bibles, making sure their children are settled, making sure they have a snack ready before service and other related duties. My Pastor is easy to serve because he shows appreciation. However my pastor’s wife is alttle bit more challenging because she tends to be a perfectionist. i love her but it is deffinately a growing challenge in serving her. I am new at this and new to the south and the way things are done in these churches. my Bishop and his wife back home carried their own bible and First lady minded her owned children and we had over three thousand members. My new church has maybe 20 members and the duties seem so great. maybe its because we had more people at my other church and I wasnt as involved it seemed like less responsibilities. Another thing. I hate sitting up front and they make me sit up front because they say leaders are to sit up front. I dont hoop an holla all the time and they flow that way and they are always asking me if i’m alright. I’m fine but I don’t think it is necessarry to fall out every service and scream through-out praise n worship. Sometimes I like to sit in God’s presence, sometimes i like to dance and some times i like to just soak it in. My husband says to just be myself but then thats mistaken for being rude or rebellious. I want the Lord’s will in my life not others. I need God’s approval and validation not others. I need Balance in my life as I serve. So far they have these titles on me like Armor Bearer, PPA, Administrative Assistant, Event Planning Ministry, Hospitality ministry, Ministry of Care, New Members Minisrty. I know i’m planted here to grow but i’m still trying to get use to the changes in my life. HELP!!!

  42. Mark, please accept my apologies for such a delay in responding to your questions. It was in a pending file.

    Armorbearers are supposed to make life easier for the person they serve. They should not be emotionally needy or taxing. I understand that this person may have been faithful but it sounds like he is stressing you out. It may be difficult, but I think you should talk to him and try to make him understand that he is causing you much stress. If he doesn’t change (which I doubt that he will), for your own sake, you should relieve him of his position either temporarily or permanently.

    Ministry is about serving – not being seen. In training our armorbearers, I have always told them to stay in the background and never call attention to themselves. At one time we had an armorbearer who loved to be seen; he is no longer in that ministry.

  43. G. Marie,

    Welcome to the South. I think it is wonderful that you and your husband are working together in ministry. I got a nice little chuckle from parts of your comment because they remind me so much of myself.

    I have several comments for you:

      Every church has different responsibilities for their armor bearers. Most armor bearers assist their pastor/leader by carrying their Bible, etc. to help free them up so they can greet people, shake hands and in my pastor’s case – so he won’t forget anything.

      Some pastors ask their armor bearers to help with their children, some do not. At our church, I may assign an armor bearer to assist with the children when we have special events like Pastor’s Anniversary.

      As far as hooping and hollering and falling out – that’s not part of your personality (mine either). I agree with your husband, just be yourself.

      I looked at the titles you listed and it seems to be a lot to expect of one person. From experience I can tell you that the only thing you will grow – trying to wear all of those hats – is frustrated! Your life needs balance.

    By the way, this is not a Southern thing. There are churches all across the country and in the islands that have adopted these practices. The role of armor bearer is biblical, but individual churches determine their armor bearer’s responsibilities.

    I hope this is helpful.

  44. Where is the first part of this? I am researching armorbearers as a bible study and found this interesting reading. Can someone point me in the right direction?


  45. Hi I am the wife of a husband who has become an AB recently. I came across this site in search of info to help my husband understand his position as well as where wife and children fit in. I feel as though this may be a high demanding position and I am not sure how I will handle it. I pray about it and ask God for guidance but I am just unsure about how much time it will take him from being away from home. We both also work and our schedules clash so it is already hard to find time together. Any advice? Help?

  46. Hi Valerie. I really need help desperately I have been asked to be a AB at my church which is a blessing however I have a tremendous fear of speaking in front of the church doing prayer which is what my pastor wants. It’s not that I don’t want to do it I have a speech issue that I have been dealing with since I was young. I don’t want to get up there and embarrass myself which I am sure is what will happen. I feel like when this happens my mess up I will be too down and depressed to be able to serve fully. Im very laid back and don’t want attention bought onto myself. How can I go about this situation and do all AB’s have to pray during service? Thank you in advance for your help.

  47. One of the things armor bearers must understand is that every ministry is different and has different requirements for their armor bearers. The only thing I can suggest is for you to let your pastor know that you have a fear of public speaking. Actually, you can make this a positive and use it as an opportunity to overcome your fear. Ask the lord to remove the fear.


  49. Thank you for the wonderful posts. I was recently called into this ministry by God. Please keep me in your prayers.

  50. Great information wanted to share my scripture (Leader given word)

    Hebrews 6:10
    For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed towards his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints,and do minister.

  51. Well I made it through my first few weeks and I’m loving it so far. It’s really humbling, and the only downside I’ve found is training myself to be quiet and obedient to the spirit. The good thing is I rarely talk to anyone at church – I’ve been there for 7 years and often times I still have people welcome me and ask if it’s my first time. From time to time I’m privy to delicate conversations and I’m glad that my relationship with God is focused on him and I don’t communicate with others much (wife, 3 kids, new baby on the way – is about as much communication as I need :) . I foresee this taking my prayer a spiritual life to a new level as my opinion no longer matters and my concerns or thoughts are something that I have to seek God on and Him alone. I believe God has ordered my steps to this point and set me up for this type of ministry. I’m excited for any of the plans that he has in store and I look forward to learning as much as possible.

    Thanks again for the wonderful site and advice. I plan on reading Armor Bearer as well, however this site was an awesome jump start. God Bless!!!!

  52. Hello Valerie. My name is Tish and i just stumbled upon this and I am glad I did. My husband and I are newly married, just had our first year anniv. We both serve as Armorbearers at our church, my husband to Pastor and me to First Lady. It is a great responsibility and yet a pleasure. We serve a great man and woman of God. They are good to us. I just want to encourage any one who serves in this position. Let all your work be done unto the Lord. When you feel looked over (you will) and over worked (you will be) remember, God knows. Stay mindful and prayerful. The Kingdom Of God needs you. God Bless

  53. I have been an armor bearer for about 13 years now. It is a very unique calling. After about three years the founder of our world wide ministry asked my pastor if he had anyone in mind that can asssist him. My pastor gave him my name, I met with him and he asked me to become his assistant. Years later I tell people whenever they ask me about armor bearing; I never signed up for this position, but I also never said no to my leaders either. If it is not of God it will not last. If you are driving down the road and you see an elderly woman with a flat tire, you don’t pull over and sign up to help her. You just do it. You do it because it is in you to do it. As far as doing things that have nothing to do with church is concerned, you are called to help the man/woman of God and not their position/title. That would be like saying, we are not in church so do it yourself. Whatever I can do to make my pastors life easier, I’m going to do it. I wash the cars, go to the cleaners, take the kids to school, walk the dogs, run errands and a whole lot more. I have even gone to the store to buy make up. Whatever it takes to make the man/woman of God’s life easier, Im doing it and I dont care what anyone thinks or says about it because God has called me to this ministry and God is who I aim to please. 1 Samuel 14:7 “Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” The spirit of a TRUE Armor Bearer.


    I needed to know about ARMOR BEARER it highly appreciative , acknowledged. Thank GOD for the internet it like if you don”t know ask somebody.For lack of knowledge destroy us all.You can not go no more than you been taught. Education is key to success. I read all your question and comment and i see the eyes of many,and,understand and respect the heart of all.Mrs. Valeria Johnson is a dynamic Person and all thank go to God for her wisdom.I learn do it form the heart and not the head. I thank you! and I thank you! I enjoy you all for your time and expience.I thought it was something made up religious.or violence.
    P.S renew mined

    Cynthia Ross

  55. I have served as my pastor’s amour bear even before she became a pastor. I have a strong passion for making sure she is good, protecting her spiritually, by covering her in prayer constantly, physically, I would give my life to protect her, mentally, I have done my best to buffer situations & not let a bunch of mess get laid on her before or right after she ministers. We are a small ministry & she gets no payment from the church (as of yet), but I attempt to get the members to understand that we NEED to take care of our pastor even if it’s as small as filling her gas tank or making sure that she has dinner on Sundays this often falls on deaf ears. Anyway there is also another amour bearer who believes that because of who she is to the pastor (personally) that she should be walking with her. But she doesn’t do anything unless it can be seen by other people. She doesn’t stay late or come early. When we are at our home church she does nothing she doesn’t help with any of the duties of an AB. But when we go out she wants to act as if she does it all the time. Oftentimes when the pastor goes out I fall back because I don’t want us to look unorganized or confused. We don’t get along at all. She finds every reason to pull my name up when people come to her with a bunch of mess. My biggest concern in all of this is she always finds her way into the pastors office to discuss her personal problems & monopolizes her time so that other members who need to speak with her can hardly get in. Which also always causing pastor to have to stay around later to deal with everyone who needs her. She doesn’t understand that as an AB sometimes you have to wait or pray on you own. There is no continuity between us & I find it very difficult to work with her. I have spoken to my pastor about this but she just tells me that it’s ok. And she knows I can handle it. But I have to admit its getting very hard. I am trying to keep self out of this and do what God wants but sometimes I feel myself slipping.

  56. Denise,

    I realize you are concerned about this other armor bearers actions and question her motives. However, you have no control over another persons actions; and believe it or not, other people will see through what she’s doing. If your pastor says its ok, then leave it alone. Continue to pray for your pastor and for other other armor bearer also and do what you are supposed to do.

  57. Good evening this is my first time on this web-site but I was amazed with the available information. I’m not the actual Armor Bearer at my church the assigned armor bearer resigned last year leaving an emptiness in our First Lady heart they worked together tremendously and we’re still praying for our Sister in Christ. She was our First Lady Evangelist armor bearer. No one Stepped up to help where there was a need.I offered my help when I was in the usher ministry. I love assisting my Pastor and First Lady. Im thankful to God that he continues to use me in his service to be a servnt of God and serve those that have authority over me.I would like to attend a training class if there are any in the Fort Worth Texas area but if not the information you have available is very helpful and I will be purchasing a book to make sure I’m in oreder until she assigns someone.I found explainations to questions I often wondered about apparaels,duties protocols and more Thank You God Bless

  58. misspelled last name on first comment

  59. Demetris Roberts
    April 2nd, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    I submited a inquiry about a week ago but have not received a response I hope it was received Demetris Roberts

  60. Demetrius, thank you for visiting my blog. You might want to check with the City of Love in New Orleans, I heard they are hosting an armor bearer conference this year.

    In regards to your concerns about apparel, duties and protocol – they all depend on the church. You should ask your pastor for direction in that area.

  61. Demetris Roberts
    April 9th, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    Good evening thank you for the response but New Orleans is to far since there isn’t any in the Fort Worth Tx area are there any books you recommend God Bless

  62. Servant of servant
    May 20th, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    i’m 26 years old and always loved to help people i was called into the ministry at 15 but began too look at my ministry really clear about 3 yrs ago i have am being to understand the importance of serving my leader is . i had fallen by the back a little bit and notice that all my PASTOR had go threw just to receive help with anything i attempted to be an armorer bearer it did not work because of lack of confidence . latter some else step in to place and i watch them do a job i new that my heart was in i stood my ground and had to cut back on the me recognize Christ and say for him i live and for him i die i will serve and follow my leader as she follows Christ i will be like Ruth and glen after her once i finish serving i learn that i’m getting great teaching in the rebuking in the just trying what i think i should do ….i thank God for this out line i will apply this to my life to be the best back ground servant i can be