VJ at office For the past 13 years I’ve been armor bearer and personal assistant to my pastor.  Over the years I’ve received lots of questions about what I do and how I do it.  This post is for everyone who thinks they have either been called to this ministry or just want to be in this ministry.  If you aspire to be an armor bearer or ministry assistant, read through each category below and give some serious thought to what is shared.

This ministry is not for everyone.  I have a friend with whom I work very closely in ministry; we are both on staff at our church.  She and I have many of the same gifts and skills so I asked her to stand in as an armor bearer for a guest minister one day when we were short handed.  By the time we left the church it was after midnight.  She looked at me and said, “I don’t know how you do this but it’s not for me.”

This articles is based strictly on my personal experience.  Every ministry is different and has its own preferences and expectations.

What’s Your Motive?

Why Do You Want To Be An Armor Bearer? If you seek or accept a ministry position with the wrong motives you probably won’t last long.  You may become frustrated or burnout quickly. There is a reason God gave us spiritual gifts and talents to equip us for ministry.

An armor bearer or personal assistant to a senior pastor should have a strong desire to assist the pastor, ministry leaders, and ministry guests.  This desire is not to be close to the pastor or others in ministry.  It is not a desire to see or be seen; to know or be known.  An armor bearer or personal assistant wants to help make ministry easier and less stressful for the people they serve.  They want to help their ministry leader focus on ministry and prayer rather than the minutiae associated with ministry.

Friendly But Not Familiar

Armor bearers and personal assistants are called to serve.  We are not called to be the pastor’s or ministry leaders’ friend.  By all means, we should be friendly and helpful.  We should be eager to serve in a pleasant manner with an approachable attitude.  However, we must recognize the thin line between friendly and familiar.  It is not our job to engage in conversations of a personal nature or try to be buddies with those we serve.

Anticipate Needs

One of the most valuable skills an armor bearer can have is the ability to anticipate.  To anticipate the needs of others, we must be observant and alert.  Once we begin to serve, we learn our leaders needs.  If the person we serve tends to sweat a lot, we should always have a towel or handkerchief for them.  If they usually don’t have a pen, keep pens on hand.  We can also anticipate needs based on body language and non-verbal signals.

Everything we can think of before it’s needed helps our leaders focus on ministering.

Learn To Be Invisible

When serving, it’s not about us.  It’s about ministering to the needs of others without becoming the center of attention.  We should not draw attention to ourselves.  If you like attention and tend to be the life of the party, this is not the job for you.  This is something I took to heart, so much so that when I traveled with my pastor I always wore black, gray or brown so I would not stand out.

If we serve with excellence, we will be noticed for our service.

Understanding Confidentiality

No gossipers allowed.  Serving pastors and ministry leaders sometimes allows armor bearers to be privy to private conversations.  This doesn’t mean that you will be privy to your pastor’s deep, dark secrets.  But it does mean there will be conversations that aren’t meant to be repeated.  When we overhear discussions between our ministry leaders and/or guests those conversations should be treated as confidential.

On occasion, we will be privy to confidential conversations.  We don’t discuss them; not even with our spouse.

Don’t Be Like Gehazi

Gehazi served as Elisha’s ministry assistant.  He served with honor and distinction for many years until he used Elisha’s name for dishonest gain.  Don’t use your association with your pastor or other ministry leaders for selfish gain.

Family and Time Management

If armor bearing or personal assistant is your calling, it will become a priority in your life.  If you are married and have children living at home you must find balance.  Your spouse and children should not feel like they have to compete for your time and attention.


In a few days I will follow-up this article with one that addresses armor bearer selection and training and full time assistants.

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101 Responses to “So, You Want To Be An Armor Bearer (Part 1)”

  1. This is a great resource. I worked as a personal assistant to a pastoral team and can identify with a number of things you mentioned in this article. This is an overlooked profession, but the uniqueness of it is that it is a calling. You just can’t do this…

    Be victorious,
    Cheryl A. Pullins
    Executive Director
    Victorious Living for Women

  2. Great POST! So true…

  3. @ Niko – Hi Niko, glad you stopped by. You and I have both served in this capacity for different pastors and worked together on occasion. It’s good to have your stamp of approval.

    @ Cheryl – Thanks for your comments. You are correct, this is a calling. There are many who think this is a simple, glamorous job but that is how it seems to the casual observer.

  4. Thanks Mrs. Valerie for all that you do in your walk and you are truly walking in one of your many gifts. This article is very helpful.

  5. I was searching the web for some examples of female armor bearers and ran across this post. I have been called to be an assistant/armor bearer for my Pastors and was wondering if you had any advice since they are good friends of mine. I see you said that an assistant or armor bearer should not be friends because of the familiarity issue. I understand that to be a real issue and have encountered crossing the line a few times. We have worked though and are able to function, but at this point the church is small and we can over look somethings. My concern is as the ministry grows, will have have to choose between the friend and the calling? Any advice?

  6. Shannon, the task you describe can be quite difficult if there is no distinction between friendship and service. Give me a few days. I’m going to write a post to address this specific issue.

    Thanks for asking.

  7. I have a friend that has been asked to be the armour bearer for the first lady of her church, she wanted to know is there another name for the female armour bearer and or are the duties still the same as a person that is a male armour bearer. Feel free to elaborate- she just wants a lot of info on what was asked of her. I know that she would be good at this task, but needs some specifics from you.

  8. Hi David, male and female armor bearers usually have the same title. Some churches use an entirely different title for armor bearers.

    For the most part, the duties should be the similar; however, the first lady should set her specific expectations. It’s never good to step into a role under an assumption. Your friend should sit down with the first lady and discuss her role and expectations.

    Next month I will conduct a training session at my church for our armor bearers. I’ve trained the men before but our pastor has only been married for two years and his wife recently asked several women to serve as her armor bearer. Before I conduct the training, I will sit down with our pastor’s wife to find out what she expects of her armor bearers.

    Good looking out for your friend, I wish her well.

  9. Enjoyed the article. Can you advise if you do training on this subject for church assemblies?

    Thank You

  10. Yes, I have done training on this topic. You can reach me through the Contact form, I’ll be glad to discuss with you.

  11. Does anyone have a list of questions they have asked their pastor before becoming and Armour bearer?

    I have the routine questions:

    What is the pastors schedule?
    Who keeps it up?
    What concerns the pastor most before a service?
    What does the pastor require before, during and after service?
    Does the pastor have any special needs?
    What does the pastor frequently run out of that’s important to keep on hand?
    Will I be required to travel with the pastor when visiting other churches?
    What is the pastors mission statement for his/her staff?
    What distracts the pastor during service?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Ms Robinson, all of these questions are subjective. The answers depend on your pastor’s needs and wants.

    In my case, I was the pastor’s full time personal assistant which meant that I kept his schedule and traveled with him when he preached – both in town and out of town. I also interacted with our armor bearers who were part of the ministry but not on staff (either full time or part time).

    At our church, we have a team of armor bearers who are scheduled to work on specific Sundays and on Bible Study night. When pastor has a local speaking engagement I contact the armor bearer leader who will assign someone to accompany pastor to his speaking engagement. Since I began taking care of my god-sister who has dementia and physical disabilities, I’m no longer able to travel with my pastor to speaking engagements but we have a team of very capable armor bearers.

    Concerning distractions, requirements before, during and after service and supplies to keep on hand – those things are different for different pastors.

    Hopefully your ministry has training sessions for armor bearers and other ministry leaders. Those training sessions will help a lot.

  13. I have been asked to become a Amor Bearer and I accepted. This is a church that is just starting out and has yet to have its 1st service (God willing, our 1st service will be in march). The task before me is enormous, I was in the military for 22 years so the personal security part I have down. However there is so much more involved. Long before I even met the Pastor I was struggling with finding a church home and how I could serve God and help a churh. Really all I can bring to the table is my security training, organization skills and my life experience. Money is tight we are just starting out with a new church so I am trying to find whatever I can get a hold of for training. Any information you may have, or low cost resourses you are aware of would be helpfull. Thank you for posting this site, and God Bless you. Respectfully, Santos

  14. Santos, you are probably more prepared for this role than you realize. Since you are military, think of the role of an armor bearer as an adjutant. In fact, some churches call their armor bearers adjutants. It is essentially the same, except one of your weapons is prayer.

    There are two other posts on this blog: So You Want to Be An Armor Bearer Part 2 and Friends Serving Friends In Ministry that may also be helpful to you.

    Two books that I recommend are: God’s Armor Bearer by Terry Nance (a link is in my sidebar) and Improving Your Serve by Chuck Swindoll.

    I think you will do well.

  15. Awesome, sending this to all our Staff – I hope its okay

  16. Glad you enjoyed the post. Just let them know where it came from.

  17. Valerie,
    I’ve never really heard of a armor bearer until tonight. I went with a dear friend of mine, whom I consider to be my bestfriend. He was the guest speaker at this church. The pastor’s wife, who had never meet me before, asked if she could pray for me at the end of the service. And she said that she had to do what God told her to do. She prayed for me and told me that God wanted her to tell me that I was going to be my friends armor bearer, that I would go everywhere that he went. That I would always be there for him. I know that God told her this because His presence was so strong in that church tonight. It was an amazing service. I wanted to try and find out everything I could about being a armor bearer. Any info you could give would be very grateful.

  18. i am touch by you experience,was appointed only few weeks ago and iam willing to learn more from you based on you experience.iam a Kenyan only 24years and this is a privilege that i should handle with due respect and honor,kindly would you send me more through the email address above.

  19. Blessed Girl2010
    April 13th, 2010 at 8:37 am

    I have been choosen to assist my pastor’s wife @ I see someone else had that question but did you talk with you first lady to see what’s her needs were?

  20. I’m not sure I understand your question. If you are asking if I served as armor bearer for my pastor’s wife, I did not. I served as armor bearer for my pastor.

    In the role of armor bearer, the person you serve would let you know their needs. Does your ministry have a person who is the armor bearer leader or does it offer armor bearer training? Either way, the person you serve would have to let you know their needs. Ask your pastor’s wife what she would like you to do and what she needs.

    I wish you well in your new role.

  21. Bless you,

    I have being trying to get a book for this ministry beacause am one of the armour bearer in my church.


  23. You have wonderful source information on this site. I was called by God to serve as an armor bearer to my pastor about 1 1/2 years ago. I am still learning my duties. My pastor was first my co-worker, friend, pastor and later armour bearer. After reading that the postor is not supposed to be my friend makes me feel sad because I knew her first as friend. I understand the concept of not crossing the line and becoming too familiar. My question is based on duties of an armour bearer, I have been asked to do things such as house cleaning, babysitting etc. Sometimes I feel that I am being taken advantage of becuase I am known as “nice and easy going”. How do I know if I am being taken advange of or is this normal duties of an armour bearer? When I don’t want to do these things and lots of other things I feel bad about how I feel. I really want to fulfilled my called to the best of my ability. Please Help!

  24. Cherri,

    Regarding friendship – the point I try to make is that when you are performing duties as an armor bearer, you are serving/ministering. Some people cannot separate service from friendship. There are some things that you can say or do with a friend that are inappropriate when you serve as an armor bearer.

    Regarding duties – the armor bearers duties should be defined. My opinion about the house cleaning and baby sitting is this: if you are expected to clean their house and babysit because you are an armor bearer, it is my opinion that they ARE taking advantage of you. It’s one thing if they offer to pay you and you say it’s ok that you don’t want to charge them; but to expect free house cleaning and babysitting is too much.

    It’s great to be nice, but not to be used.

  25. Tracey, several years ago, I started a book. It is still in my file cabinet. A lot of my time these days is taken because I take care of my god-sister who has dementia. Hopefully, I will get back to the book and offer it as an e-book that can be downloaded.

    I’m not sure what your Pastoral Care ministry does, but I do know that if you aren’t careful ministry will take over your life. Always make time for yourself, family and friends, otherwise you will burn yourself out and become bitter.

    Take care and put some balance in your life.

  26. Thanks for your response on the issue of being “taken advantage of”. How should I deal with this matter and remain respectful towards my leader and not being out of order with God?

  27. Thanks for this helpful article. My question is does Armor Bearers get any type of stipend for driving, traveling and going places with their Pastor or ministry leader?

  28. @Cherri,

    Your situation will need to be handled with kid gloves. Since I don’t know your pastor, I don’t know how he/she reacts to different situations. You should definitely pray and ask God for wisdom and discernment in confronting the problem.

  29. @Kellie,

    Most armor bearers are ministry volunteers. If your ministry provides a stipend, that’s a plus but not the norm. Most armor bearers drive the pastor’s car when they travel locally, which means there is no additional expense to the armor bearer – just their time and talent.

    If you are talking about traveling out of town, then your church or the host church should pick up your expenses.

  30. I used to be an armorbearer years ago. But I left the church I was attending. Now I feel the urge to serve my current Pastor and church. All I ever wanted to do was to serve. Jesus came to serve, I am no greater than my master, therefore I must serve also. Is ther anything I do to be the best armorbearer for any man or woman of God that comes to our church. I do like the idea of wearing dark color suits so that you want stand out. I just want to be humble in the site of God.

  31. Chris, most of the churches that I am familiar with use a similar method of selecting armor bearer – that is they are either personally chosen by the pastor and/or the leader of the armor bearer ministry. These people are generally chosen after they have been at the church for a while and have been observed by the pastor and/or key leaders at the church.

    The best thing an armor bearer can do is be full of humility, have a servants heart and understand confidentiality.

    Dark suits were my choice because I did not want to stand out, which is also part of my personality because I am an introvert. I’ve known some very colorful armor bearers – both personality-wise and wardrobe-wise :D .

    Be prayerful and patient.

  32. Thank you for your good sound advice. I have been before God about my situation seeking directions on how to handle things between my pastor and I. I know that my pastor is a woman of God and she does hear from God. She is new to pastoring and she never had a armour bearer before. Therefore, we are working thru this together. After I posted my questions to your website, God fixed the situation! My pastor told me that I no longer have to baby-sit and perform house-cleaning services. I was very releived. I am assign to perform duties at church and assist her when she travels and ministers at other churches. I am greateful that God hears our prayers. I really want to be a blessing to my pastor and my church. I am asking that you pray for me that I’ll always stay in Gods will, be a woman of much prayer and a servant of excellence. Again, thank you.

  33. Timothy Chandler
    June 15th, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    I’m a rookie beginner at this armorbearer responsibility, it was prophesied over me about the calling of armorbearing 3 years back. Lately, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and helping pray for pastor as he prays for others, it seems I sense a connection when I do this. I don’t know how to properly walk this out, I don’t want people thinking of me in the wrong way. I feel like I lack knowledge and training, I need some proper guidance in this. thanks for your article!

  34. Chiquila Valentine
    July 19th, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Hello, and thank you for putting everything I was thinking into organized words. I have been armorbearing for my CoPastor for the past eleven years. Now, I am her chief adjutant. Yesterday, the Lord put an armorbearing class in my spirit because we have a lot of upcoming ministers. I have had many personal experiences within this position, and I feel as if I could bring a lot to the table to train others. I read where you said you have done training sessions on how to be an armorbearer. I was wondering if this would be any information that you could share. I’ve not yet spoken to my pastor about he class because I wanted to have an outline of everything to take with me when I propose it to her. Is there any insight that you could offer? If so, could you email me? Thank you so much!

  35. Chiquila, I think it is great that you want to do some training. Most of what I cover in a workshop is in this blog: So You Want to Be An Armor Bearer Part 1, Part 2 and Friends Serving Friends in Ministry. Your workshop should reflect the needs and protocol of your ministry. When I do workshops at other churches, I always talk to the pastor first to make sure that what I present is in alignment with the culture of that church.

    You seem to be headed in the right direction.

  36. Yes I recently became an armorbearer and have only been serving my leader for about 7mths. God connected the 2 of us together.A few days ago I spoke with my leader and they’re going to step down from some of the areas that they were head over. God is calling my leader to something else.My leader expressed to me to keep on being who I am and know who I am and never let anyone define who i am. Well I guess i’m trying to figure out is my leader saying my service to them is over. My other question is just because my leader is shifting another direction does that mean my service is up? My leader stated to me what God has joined together let no man tear apart.I just don’t want to be confused.God has not told me my assignment was up.

  37. LilBit,

    Have you talked with your leader to see if they would like you to continue to serve them in their new endeavors?

  38. Yes ma am when they told me of the new direction they was taking I asked them how does their decision affect me as their armorbearer but they have not responded back to me as of yet.

  39. Hi Mrs.Valerie I did have an oppurtunity to talk with my leader on today. They told me they know that God has connected us but now that they are transitioning we will have to see what is next. God has not given my leader their next step. So I believe this is a time for me to just continue to keep my leader lifted up as they make their transistion and just be there and be available. But if you have anything you would like to add I would love to hear.

  40. @ Lilbit – I agree. Keep them lifted up and wait to see where God is leading them.

  41. Thanks!

  42. Hullo Valerie,
    This is an incredible piece of writing. Am a personal assistant to our Pastoral Team Leader. And I love the way you appropriately knit those words to mean just exactly what they do.
    Blessings overtake you.

  43. Dear Sister Johnson,

    My family and I have been members of our church for several months. I absolutely feel that God is taking us from faith to faith and glory to glory. My husband was recently asked to become an armor bearer for our Pastor (he still has not replied to this request). Tonight, my First Lady asked me to become one of her armor bearers. She already has one, but wants me to become one also. I am familiar with some of her needs as my post as usher is nearest to her. Not only am I am on the usher board, I am also on the hospitality committee. I truly believe I need to pray before accepting this position (and she agrees). This website has been such a blessing and I thank God for sending me here. My first lady and I only see each other on certain days of the week and live about 45 minutes to 1 hour apart. My question is if I become an armor bearer for her, what responsibilities should I expect when it comes to travel? This along with other questions of expectations will be addressed with her, but I wanted to know your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance for your time and God bless and keep you.

  44. Jternity7,

    Accepting the position as an armor bearer should be considered with much prayer. It seems as though you are giving serious consideration. I would just offer a few questions for you to think about:

      Why do you want to be an armor bearer?
      Did you have a desire to assist/serve the pastor’s wife before she asked
      Do you have young children at home? If so, will it interfere with parenting responsibilities?
      Will armor bearing take time away from your husband? Does your husband agree with your taking the position?

    Also, remember that being an armor bearer can be time consuming.

  45. Thank you very much for this information on armor bearing. I have a friend who wants to learn all that she can on this subject and I’m grateful to God that now I will be able to share with her your website. This is a great job and may God continue to lift you and bless you.

  46. Dear Sister Johnson,

    Thank you for replying to my post. My husband was also asked to be an armor bearer. I have sent him to this website also. We do have children, ages 7 and 10. Our work schedules are 1st shift (mine) and third shift (his) so it is already difficult to see him often.
    Prior to being asked, I had worked closely with my first lady on our women’s luncheon. My interest is to serve how God sees fit for me to serve. My husband would support my decision even if he wasn’t comfortable with it. It is an honor to be asked to be an armor bearer, but if I am conflicted. I have prayed about it, but God hasn’t answered yet. I will wait till he does! In the mean time, what would you suggest I tell my first lady?

  47. Dear Valerie,

    I am a Senior Pastor who would like to see an additional article(as God leads) on the subject of being emotionally ready for leadership. I train leaders all the time. Currently, I have come across the issue of emotional immaturity in leadership. I have addressed this with my adjutant on several occasions. I want the people of God to undestand that No you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to be chosen to serve; however, giftedness does not equate maturity (both spiritually and emotionally). Part of serving and helping is being emotionally prepared for the task at hand. Many times we wonder why we are not moving ahead. When the truth is not whether we are called to serve; but rather “Are we ready?” in conclusion, I commend all those who have embraced the challenged to stir up love unto good works. I pray that we continually assess where we are especially when ministry shifts and in seasons of transitions.

  48. Thank God for this website this is truly an blessing. I was so excited when I was asked to become my Pastor armor bearer, however it seems alot of members have tried to make it a harder position to hold. I keep going and praying and praying and going. I thank God morning, noon and night for all he have done in my life. This is an honor to work along side my Pastor. Keep encourging and uplifting the way you do, thanks for your time. God Bless you

  49. i am a armorbearer leader at my local church it is a small group of us who are called to be armor bearers and we are looking for worshop to help us better serve our man of God. I have been seving as a armor bearer for over 11 years and other woman here at our church said God call them also. There is only so much i can teach, i would like help finding some worshop in louisiana. Thanks, Ms. Ficklin.

    Enjoy reading the armor bearer 1& 2 we are studying it together.

  50. Ms Ficklin, you say that you are in Louisiana. I would check with Bishop Lester Love’s ministry (The City of Love) or Bishop Darryl Brister’s ministry (Beacon Light). Both of these pastors have been very influential in my training as an armor bearer and I have sat in training sessions offered by both of them at various conferences.

  51. Sandra, I am not sure what you mean when you say that “a lot of members have tried to make it a harder position to hold.” Are the members you mentioned members of the church or members of the armor bearers ministry?

  52. Alice, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to some of these questions. I was out of the country on vacation, then had to play catch up when I got back.

    I don’t know whether your ministry is large or small but I do know that immature leaders can cause more problems than they are worth. One of the things we do at our church is appoint our ministry leaders, they are asked to serve for two years. During those two years, ministry leaders are asked to observe people in their ministry and suggest someone to replace them at the end of their term. Our pastor takes these suggestions into consideration when appointing new leaders.

  53. I am a young lady and being equiped to be an armourbearer.I really have a burning desire to save the woman of God coz i believe i am called to be a pastor.The problem is when she`s around or when i visit her i just feel nervous and panic such tha i end up making mistakes.How do i build a steady relationship with her.

  54. Very informative, I was asked to do this; be an armourbearer and I have found great pleasure in doing so, Praise God! I don’t mind being the center of attention, so through this I have grown because I find myself trying hard as possible to be in the back. However, my Bishop is a different kind of person in that, he expects me to be there and seen and never has to consider if I was overdoing anything visibly as he is very conscious of his environment, and me and I am very grateful. I am ever so thankful as we have become friends over time, my will was not to be his buddy, so I am not, he leads and I follow instructions accordingly and gladly. There is moments I wonder if I am doing things right, at which point I take council in prayer, for understanding, as my Bishop would suggest. This role has taken me much further than I imagined it would I have grown ever closer to the Lord as a result, I fast more and I pray more for someone else and in return he has strengthened and kept me. I appreciate this chance to comment on my experience and God bless all.

  55. This is a wonderful site for those of us who have been called to serve as an Armor Bearer
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us Ms. Johnson for it is written the older women shall teach the younger. I have been encouraged through the Q & A. Just knowing others have similar challenges as well as affirmation that I am a true Armor Bearer.

  56. Hello I am so happy to have found this cite. I am in deep prayer today because my biggest heartfelt desire is to please the Lord and over the past seven years God has given me specific assignments and I would say that I am in the mist of all three of them however the manifestation is not currently at the fullness that I know that it should be, as a result of this I am seeking some answers and one thing you said and cofirmed with my motives is that I personally would be afraid to go into an office that God never called me too.I remember years ago when my Pastor encouraged me to read the book of an Armour Bearer 1&2 my thought was God didnt call me to be an Armour Bearer however I read the books according to his instruction. It has been seven years an on January 7 2011 while in my morning prayer time the Lord spoke those words to me to be an Armour Bearer to my Pastor. Will you please read my previuos post and share your wisdom with me because I know this is my turning point in my life and I am seeking all wisdom and knowledege that I could receive. Thank you and God bless you!

  57. Patricia, I’ve been an Armorbearer to my Pastor’s wife for 5 years. My assignment was definately a call from the Lord. The Lord spoke to me one day and instructed me to attend a conference which she was a main speaker. She had an AB at the time but my instruction was to go book a room and intercede for her. I was obedient to Lords instruction. The AB she had at that time was not able to attend, so I volunteered to help. Well that evening we had prayer together before she ministered and the Lord came in the room in a powerful way. I have been her AB since. There is a knowing when you have been selected by God to AB a specific person. You also will begin to have a burden for them, and their family. You will also have a protective instinct for them as well like they are your family (not overbearing) Although I agree with Ms. Johnson about not being too familiar. Familiarity can cause hurt feelings because you can expect certain responses from your officer he/she can’t deliver and shouldn’t be expected to. Familiarity can also breed dishonor or disrespect for your officer. Remember your excess to him/her is on a different level than other parishioners so your will see them in a way others will not. With that being said confidentiality is a must! Nothing should be repeated that is shared between the two of you in confidence. In time you will be able to anticipate his/her needs before they ask you for anything. I closing, you are right it is a turning point, But you won’t be content unless you are serving. Always remember your reward comes from the Lord not the pastor. Do all serving for HIS GLORY & HONOR The Lord will validate you. I hope this helps a little. Ms. Johnson should read please help my sis Patricia by responding also.


  59. My Bishop just told me he wanted to talk to me about becoming his Armor Bearer and im glad that I stopped by and read this I have so much insight on my job at hand and I think im ready beacase God has given me the gift of a servant so I think im ready..

  60. Hi, I was searching for resources that would help me in my role as an Armour Bearer, I receive the calling from the Lord Jesus Christ, was annoited and the whole works, however because my Pastor is not a “fussy” person I mostly pray while he is ministering. (In my regular day to day job i am a supervisor and I feel also that the Lord has me there to support my boss just as how support my Pastor but in a different environment. I am not my boss’s personal assistant)I have a few questions.

    1- Do I need to walk up with the Pastor? (in our ministry that’s how it is done the Pastor walks up with the song leader/s Speaker if it’s not him speaking that day)

    2- What should I do during services? – I know I should be his for want of a better name – cheer leader.

    3- Should I travel with him all the time? – on speaking engagements

    You see in our church we are rookies in this area, we have seen what other A/Bs do when they come with their Pastors – Should we copy or should we develop our own plans.
    May God continue to bleess you :) and keep you so that you will continue to be a sucess, and also an inspiration to others, this morning I am eager to go to church to practice/discuss some of what I have learnt here.

  61. Brotherbearer,

    The role of armor bearer is dependent upon the ministry and what the pastor desires. All of these questions should be addressed by the pastor. Also, most churches have more than one armor bearer; that way it gives individuals a break.

  62. hello,my name is joy,i’ve been called to be my apostle armour bearer,and i’m ecited to learn more and be all i can be for christ,i know there are some who think they should be but the lord has called me,but i’m a servant first for most so it doesn’t matter cause i know i’m a servant,i just want to for fill my destiny,i love the apostle and am very senstive to her,i just want to be the best servant god has call me to be.and i ask you to keep me uplift in your prayer’s,that i will be all that god has called me to be,thanks so much for your website and your help and undestanding in this ministry of an amour bearer,god bless you and heaven smile upon

  63. it was such a relief to finally find something on being an amour bearer. I was made an amour bearer 2weeks ago and i really need counsel and prayers because i am new at this and for God to have picked me it is an honor and i dont want to fail God.
    can you help me out in any way?

  64. Nse, I hope the posts on this site can be of help to you. The reason I wrote them was to help those who are new to armor bearing.

  65. I can not thank you enough for putting into words what has been in my heart. I was charged with creating a job description and found myself stuck until I found your post. I know that the post has helped others, but I know that it was just for me. I was not formally trained and so I found it difficult to put into words until I found your post. Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to your leader and the rest of us who are benefiting from your honesty.

  66. I apologize, I had entered an incorrect email address for my first post.

  67. Thank you so mich for this in put it is great teachings, I will always keep this to share with my other ppa’s. Pls continue in this work God has a bigger blessing for you.

  68. Charmaine Madden
    July 22nd, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Thank you so much for valuable information you have given on armor bearing, I’m stepping into the role of armor bearer for the Pastor’s wife and I have found that it does take time, humility and patience and most of all prayer.

    Thank you,


  69. I agree with the things you said about being a armour bearer. The Lord call people to be armour bearer even if a person desire the roles of a armour bearer should seek the face of the Lord about that position and wait on his respond. I belive if a person dont wait on the Lord and take a position they will be unhappy and out of place and encounter demons they are not ready to face. Timing is everything in this hour be bless

    Angela Walker
    Tacoma WA

  70. I feel grateful that this site popped up when I needed some questions answered because I have been just officially became The Pastors’ Wifes armor bearer and had some confusion and after reading your page I feel alot better in excepting the position, My husband has already been the Pastors’ armor bearer for a bit now and I was thinking I wanted to be The Ladys’ Armor Bearer cause he was The Pastors’ and now I know it is not the reason at all, so thank you.

  71. Thank you so very much for taking the time to compose and share this information. I recently relocated and joined another big church and it was funny when my mom said why does this church have secret service. I explained it all to her and now that I have working on having a better spiritual foundation it’s time to work. Have blessed day!

  72. Hi Valerie Johnson,
    I am very new to this job of a personal assistant to my parish pastor and i get so confused and frustrated ’cause i am expected to do this work with that of a secretary, which i think are not the same. Please i will appreciate if you could suggest for me what resources to tap into to improve my performance in this office. I am going through an emotional challenge presently which is that of resigning from this post but i believe the Holy Spirit is not allowing me, and in an attempt to get help i stumbled on your site and the piece i read on armor bearer is very encouraging to me. To mention also, there is a particular person in this new ministry of ours who is very close to the pastor and so,believe the post should be for him, unfortunately, the pastor is female.
    I really need you to respond please before i take the wrong decision.
    Thank You.

  73. Bunmi,

    I apologize for the late response to your question, I overlooked it. The role of a personal assistant is hard to define in general terms. Because it is a “personal” assistant responsibilities are defined by the employer. Your comment doesn’t say weather this is a paid or volunteer position. Also, I can’t tell from your name if you are male or female (sorry) and you mentioned that the pastor is female. In your eyes, does this make a difference as to who should serve the pastor.

    In my role as the pastor’s personal assistant, I take care of anything related to his personal ministry (outside of the church), his appointments, as well as some things that are church related. I think the first thing you need to do is sit down and talk with the pastor to have your role and expectations defined.

    I hope this is helpful.

  74. We (my wife and I) have been recently anointed as armour-bearers for the executive pastors and founders of our ministry. Personally, even with the vauge idea that i have of such an office – we are in need of any help we can get to make the burden light for the visionary couple. Having said that we also do not want to cloud our responsibilities with an imbalance of our marital and family responsibilities…

    Does the above make sense?!?

    Please help

  75. Ntuthuzelo,

    Additional information can be found in this followup article (So, You Want To Be An Armor bearer (Part 2): http://www.yourministryhelper......art-2.html. It is important for any ministry volunteer to have balance with marital and family responsibilities. Always be mindful of the needs of your spouse and family because it is easy to get wrapped up in serving and start to put your family second. Also, get a clear understanding of what is expected of you in your roles as armor bearers. This is a role that is defined within the confines of the ministry in which you serve. Every ministry/church is different, so don’t assume.

    It is an honor to serve but balance and family are important. It is also important to guard against those who will try to use your friendship to seek out confidential information about your pastor, board and guests. Stay prayed up and serve with integrity.

  76. I have been asked to be my pastors armour bearer and i have accepted.I have served as an ab in another church and it was an honor and privileged.I am writing to see if there are any free downloads on this subject,ab,that will help further my training in this calling.i take care of my 80 yr old widowed mom who is on a fixed income,on oxygen and has macular in both eyes, so finances are very low at this time. God Bless you,keep up the GOOD work. Love for Eternity, Jeff Moses

  77. Jeff,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog posts. The only freed materials that I am aware of would be what you can find on internet sites. Being an armor bearer is primarily about serving. Specific responsibilities are defined by the pastor/ministry for whom you serve.

    Note: I removed your personal information from your comment. It’s not a good idea to put that kind of info on a public forum.

  78. Greetings!

    This Website has certainly blessed my life. I am a Armour Bearer for my 1st Lady and I am always reading to make sure I am doing everything right in GOD’s eyes and in excellence of my wonderful 1st Lady.

    I am very excited and will continue to read this wonderful website.

    Thank you very much!

    DIVA Val – Divinely Inspired Virtuous Accountable Sista (words that was encouraged and bless by our 1st Lady)

  79. Hi I can relate to everthing your speaking on and I love my Ministry and take it very serious. My question is how do you handle situations with people in the ministry who don’t have respect for your position and disregard what is asked of them.

  80. Thank you.

  81. Faith to Forgive,

    Respect is something that is earned; but is some cases it is something that is learned. Your pastor should help with that. Is he/she aware that there is a problem?

  82. this is a wonderful website and I have been blessed by reading some of the posts. I would like to know of any workshops or conferences in the atlanta ga area.

  83. I’m so releaved now, i never thought i would find a POWER-FULL article as such. I and so many others alike are will ever remain grateful. But i have these questions?
    1. Should i personal ask my Pastor, if i could go with him to his personal retreat or should i just allow him invite me?
    2. My Pastor hasn’t officially assigned me the duty of an amour bearer, but has occasionally said he wants me to be his P.A., what do you i me to do?
    3. From the article & questions of others alike, i understood that each amour bearer’s duty or responsibilities is dependent on the Pastor, so asking him (ie. The Pastor) his expectation could be difficult, because one might not meet all his expectations. What can one do when found in this shoe?
    …God bless you is not the right thing to say, because he has made you a blessing! Thanks a billion!

  84. Heather, I am not aware of any workshops in the area. I’m glad you enjoy the website.

  85. Ezeh, in response to your questions:

      I think your pastor will ask you if he wishes you to accompany him on his retreat. If indeed it is a “personal” retreat, he may just want time alone.
      It sounds like your pastor only wants assistance on an “as need” basis.
      Your third question is an extension of your second question – when your pastor wants permanent armor bearers, he will assign them. If and when he assigns armor bearers, he will let them know what he wants them to do.

    I think you have the cart before the horse. From what you said, it sounds like your pastor is not looking for permanent armor bearers at this time.

  86. I was Wondering…how do you armor bearer for your Husband?

  87. Greetings:
    Valerie Johnson

    I would like to learn more about your teachings on the calling of a Armor Bearer for I have many questions and very few answers. Could you please contact me with updated schedualed trainning classes.Thank you in advance.
    Amanda T. Bratton

  88. Amanda, I’m sorry but I don’t offer classes. I conduct training at my church upon the Pastor’s request, but I am no longer able to train on a regular basis.

  89. M.G., there should be no difference in serving your husband in ministry; however, because of the personal relationship, it could be difficult.

  90. I love these comments they are all so enlightening. Praising GOD that someone understands the battle because sometimes it is one.

  91. First thank God for this blog!!!
    I have been called by my Pastor to be an armor bearer, I never thought in a million yrs she would pick me because it’s been preached that God tells you something before the Pastor sometimes. I am already director of the youth department and use to serve on the hospitality ministry.
    There is so much I don’t know and learning. I pray that God will guide and direct me. For almost a year I have been in this role as a 2nd armor bearer depending on my work schedule. Sometimes I feel I mess up but not told privately by the Pastor my error, when I ask her if I’m doing ok or what I need to improve she says I’m doing ok, but for some reasons it doesn’t seem like it.
    For example a guest speaker came and I did not know to pour his water in a glass, I handed him the bottle of water…well he said ” I sure wish someone could pour me a drink of water…” on the pulpit.
    Things like that is what I need to know about. My Pastor had a meeting after that happened for the first time, it was helpful and she even stated she will not hold my hand because God has equipped me to do the job, but I know I need more confidence to do it!! Please help with any ideas

  92. Very helpful, God bless

  93. What are your thioughs on women being an armour bearer for male Pastors.

  94. Leicha,

    I served as my (male) pastor’s armor bearer for 13 years. However, He was a young pastor and I was a middle aged, married woman who served with my husband’s blessing. I had no motive other than serving. I also know other women who have served as their male pastor’s armor bearer; but this is not for everyone.

  95. Hi atten a small church and my dad is the bishop but he has assailant pastor that is a lady and me and her are friends and she ask me to be her asstisant and some time it’s not easy. I have a family and kids are big enough to take of them selves . I want to travel haven’t yet and was suppose to and go ,got turn down took off work and change my schedule so can go. I am a little upset what should I do. I love our assistant would do for her like if she was my sister. Confuse help me.

  96. Thank you so muvh for your helpful articles. I am also an armour bearer to my church pastors. I had my shortcomings in the ministry but after reading your articles, I had a deeper understanding of what God wants me to do in the church. God bless you

  97. Tammy,
    The role,of an assistant or armor bearer is to,assist, pray for and protect the person assisted. If the assistant pastor asks you to travel with her, let her know that you would love to but also let her know that you will ask for vacation time from work to do so. From your comment I can’t tell if she asked you to travel before or if you assumed that’s what she wanted. Considering that you have to take off from work, I would never assume.

    I hope this helps.

  98. The church is called to serve those who are lost. Jesus said those who are sick need a physician, smh.

  99. I’m the amor bearer to my First Lady, and now I’ve been appointed as her personal assistant what exactly does that position involves?

  100. Your duties should be defined by your pastor. Every pastor/church has different yet similar expectations.


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